Kounterattack Design is a multidisciplinary design and digital production studio.

We provide strategic analysis, core design services, technical consulting, experienced project management, and other services across a full spectrum of print, broadcast, and interactive media. From music videos to online and technical corporate content, we can add value and insight at any stage of the design and production process.


The core design disciplines of Identity, Information, and Interaction allow a precise understanding of a specific communication challenge. The resulting insights drive design strategies for effective digital products, environments, systems and services.

Identity Design

Identity is more than an ad campaign, website or logo. It is rather the consistent application of these and other tools to represent and reinforce the message a client wishes to occupy and own in the audience's mind. Refining an Identity from all the things that could be said to the one thing that should be said is a challenging but invaluable process, one that an organization seeking to establish itself in a sea of competing voices cannot afford to ignore.

Examples: Copywriting, Logo Development, Naming and Brand Development, Visual Design, and more

Information Design

After refining a message or intended dialogue, the next consideration is how best to convey the message in a manner that the target audience will find understandable and exciting, and that popular search engines will rank highly for targeted keywords. The organization of information into layers both coherent and intuitive to the intended audience and search algorithms is essential to their effective communication.

Examples: Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Information Graphics, Data Visualization, and more

Interaction Design

Interactive digital media allows the once-passive audience to actively direct their experience, customize it to their needs, provide feedback, and convey content virally to their own audiences and friends. Content that is useful, fun, and that meshes with the end-user's established behaviors generates successful dialogue with the target audience. We have successfully generated such interactions for our clients using appropriate combinations of television, web conferencing, rich media applications, mobile phone games, information kiosks, community building, and viral publicity mechanisms.

Examples: Design Patterns, Interface Design, Mental Modeling, Usability, User-Centered Design, and more

Strategy & Analysis

Who is your target customer? What are they used to? How can you earn their business and exceed their expectations in ways that will make your competitors wish they'd "thought of that"? Competitive analysis provides a clear understanding of your target audience's desires and tendencies, their informational landscape, and the offerings of your competitors.

The realities of analysis give rise to the means of implementation - the strategy. A good strategy weaves business planning, awareness of proven and emerging web technologies, market size and growth analysis, target user characterization, projected risks and returns, industry benchmarks and other considerations. The result is a clear and common understanding of your e-business goals, assets, and best means of implementation across all online, interactive, and traditional media.

Examples: Competitive Analysis, Customer Research, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, and more


There are a number of open and proprietary content management and delivery solutions available. But which is best suited to your application? What server platform and OS? How do you best web-enable a legacy information system? Kounterattack technical consulting defines and manages the technical architecture and methodology of a project at the IT level. This includes server configuration, the sourcing and implementation of specialized programming and application development, finding hidden efficiency in the e-methodology, and generally being a know-it-all techie.

Examples: Application Servers, Database Design, Operating Systems, Server-Side Programming Languages, and more


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