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Samira Buchi New York


Ecommerce Platform

Modern Luxury Design

Samira Buchi is a handbag and accessories design studio based in New York City. Within their studio, they create handcrafted designs. They meticulously produce each product with the highest quality natural materials. Catering to the strong, empowered New York woman with a sense of simple elegance.

Samira came to Kounterattack seeking to craft a brand identity and create an eCommerce solution that reflected the company's vision.

Distinctive Experience, Chic Functionality

Samira Buchi has an incredibly rich backstory and design process. The team's goal was to capture that, translating it into an eCommerce platform the studio could use to further merchandise and distribute products. They needed a dynamic tool to create a streamlined retail space for their customers, easily maintain the overall brand experience, and give their audience a more in-depth look into the work process that goes into every bag they create.

Crafting a Brand and Driving Sales

The result was a brand experience that was distinctive and modern, with a minimal and bright design that reflected their simple elegance, and highlighted their unique product line. The e-commerce platform allowed Samira Buchi to give each customer a personalized experience with a smooth purchase flow, accessible product information, and step-by-step updates of their orders. The platform provides both existing and new customers a way to purchase their products on any device. It creates better opportunities for Samira Buchi to drive sales in a more significant, more readily available retail experience.



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