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Smart + Strong


Relative Emotions

Tu Salud Homepage

Smart+Strong is a network of several website and publications specializing in the education of and support on health and mental illness. Tu Salud is one of those brands, catering to a Latino reader audience.

Real Health Homepage

This is the template implemented for the Real Health brand from Smart + Strong. This custom platform build allows the company to configure each site with logos and specific widgets for that brand.

POZ Homepage

This is the template implemented for the POZ brand, which provides support and resources for HIV/AIDS.

Magazine Index

View current and past issues from a complete directory of publications, complete with online samples for selected articles in each issue.

Events Index

With a far-reaching audience following their platform, users can keep up with recent events and happenings.

Blog Landing

The Smart+Strong brands are not just limited to printed publications, users can explore even more resources and materials through a frequently updated blog on their series of websites.

Blog Authors

Smart+Strong brands are comprised of influential and knowlegable contributors who provide the audience with content, allowing users to connect with people who support them and provide resources that enable them to achieve optimal health.

Responsive Designs

Much like the extensive network of Smart+Strong brands, the website can be viewed from a multitude of devices so users may interact with content from anywhere.