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Derm For Primary Care


Digital Platform

Leaders in Education

Derm for Primary Care is an education service for health care providers and medical students to learn how to identify, diagnose, and treat common dermatologic problems more efficiently in their practices. They strive to provide easily digestible educational material and empower their customers to provide better care.

In partnership with Kounterattack, Derm for Primary Care sought to create a solution that established itself as a leader within the industry of learning experiences for medical education.

Providing Next-Level Care

When embarking on this project, multiple challenges existed: The service needed to appeal to medical professionals as potential users, and the platform had to provide a practical educational solution for practitioners and students alike. A new interactive learning model was needed to establish Derm for Primary Care within the industry.

Ultimate Learning Experience

Kounterattack reimagined the branding and visual identity with a fresh, simple "look & feel" and created a new video-driven platform for lessons. The solution offers easily accessible courses and challenging self-assessments with progress tracking – all in an efficient, responsive platform for multiple user devices.

The platform management tools maintain customer relationships and content efficiently while providing engaging user experiences. With a variety of license subscription options and a complete customer management system, the brand is thriving by supporting its business users and their intended end-users.



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Course Index

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