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Modern Forms is the all-LED decorative brand of global company WAC Lighting (WAC). Its all-LED luminaires and smart fans seize upon cutting-edge technology and design trends to illuminate and refresh homes, workplaces, hotels, or restaurants for years.

Modern Form's Challenge

The products were experiencing rapid growth in demand and support. It was the right time to distinguish Modern Forms from its parent company. WAC turned to Kounterattack to create Modern Form's visual brand identity and e-commerce catalog for the designers, engineers, sales, and customer support teams.

The Solution

Modern Forms launched the brand with a distinctly minimalist identity to reflect the ethos and product designs. Further, a new eCommerce catalog balanced the romance and technical sides of each product. Interactive tools addressed the audience's detailed data specification requirements. Much of the website was automated, including supportive work processes, thanks to integration with the corporate business management software (ERP).


Modern Forms - Interface Desktop

Homepage - Responsive

Modern Forms - Interface Tablet Modern Forms - Interface Mobile

Interface Slideshow

Modern Forms - Interface Slideshow Slideshow launch

Modern Forms Visual Interface Overview

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720 Solutions

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Tough Mudder

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