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Sweatcast, LLC


Social Broadcast Platform

Digital Approach

Sweatcast is a social broadcasting platform for fitness influencers. Envisioned as a way to create and enjoy fitness stories, connect like-minded people, share revenue earnings, and inspire people to be better versions of themselves.

Fitness Challenge

Kounterattack started by creating a business strategy, brand identity, and digital platform to fulfill an ambitious vision. The solution had to factor social design and hybrid business models. The challenge also included digitizing, socializing, and amplifying fitness activities traditionally experienced offline.

Scalable Fitness Culture

Sweatcast launched as an exciting social and fitness on-demand platform. With its hybrid business model and compelling brand identity, this brand is now ready for the fitness world.

Fitness fanatics can participate by using the website or specialized mobile applications (iOS+Android).

The brand makes sharing fitness stories and connecting people as frictionless as possible.

Channel Explore

Sweatcast - Channel Explore

Homepage - Responsive

Sweatcast - Homepage Tablet Sweatcast - Homepage Mobile

Interface Slideshow

Sweatcast - Interface Slideshow Slideshow launch

Streaming Platform Visual Interface Overview



Ideal Collaboration

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720 Solutions

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