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The Essence of American Craftsmanship

Founded in 1974 in New York City, Royce is a family-owned leather goods company, raised with the vision of showcasing quality materials and refined American craftsmanship. They focus on sustainable design while remaining true to an artisan heritage, creating a range of stylish and functional fashion, travel, and technology products.

With goals of modernizing their brand and merging their products with innovative technologies in mind, they teamed up with Kounterattack to help bring their vision to life.

Capitalizing on a Family Legacy

Royce partnered with Kounterattack to reenvisioning the brand. Bring the identity into a more contemporary light and create an engaging visual experience, while still communicating the strong family values and business principles they've established as an authentic brand.

Part of the challenge was to not only maintain the family history deeply rooted in the Royce brand identity but also create an eCommerce platform for their products. Royce has grand plans to be at the forefront of leather products, so they needed the "look & feel" to match their ambition.

Reintroducing a Family Brand

With a full rebrand, Kounterattack reimagined the old family logo and applied a visual language all touchpoints, from print collateral to the new eCommerce website. Responsive in nature, the new e-commerce platform helps potential buyers explore the brand story and appreciate the high-end products within the Royce catalog.

By harkening back to the company's origins and emphasizing the values that the family holds dear to them, the new branding will shape the future of the company moving forward.



Homepage - Responsive Designs

Homepage - Responsive Designs Homepage - Responsive Designs

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