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Taxi Dog Productions, LLC


Education Platform

Social-Emotional Learning As Entertainment

Taxidog is a children's educational program that seeks to advance social-emotional learning (SEL) through developing and distributing evidence-based classroom programming. Taxidog and Kounterattack partnered to fulfill the digital-service requirements. Bringing Taxidog programming into the digital realm with fun, interactive, and educational components that keep the audience engaged with fundamental SEL life-skill learning.

Building Awareness and Trust

With the introduction of the Taxidog educational program, a certain level of conceptual understanding and trust with the brand would help them gain support. Recognizing the strategic and visual challenges this presented, Taxidog and Kounterattack had to revamp the communication and approach.

As a new brand, Taxidog was looking at everything from brand strategy to marketing to a fully digital platform that serves various educational goals. Online training tools to educate teachers on the concept of SEL and the value it brings to students was a requirement for the partnership.

Combining Education and Fun

With unified branding and a new multi-functional digital platform solution, Taxi Dog established itself as a premier educational program for SEL. Kounterattack provided a full range of services and products, including tools for teachers within the classroom to teach SEL with interactive, play-based videos and corresponding lesson plans.

Since the initial product launch, the program is now being used in curriculums within various school systems nationwide. It's still early, but we predict long term benefits for both society and client. Keep an eye on this brand!

Pilot Lesson Plans

Pilot Lesson Plans

Interface Slideshow

Slideshow launch

Education Platform Visual Interface Overview



Reinventing a Lifestyle Brand



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